Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Join HMANA in Costa Rica for a Birding and Raptor Migration Tour

October 15-24, 2010

Witnessing the migration of hundreds of thousands of raptors overhead is exhilarating. It is a phenomenon that every birder should witness at least once in their life. Join HMANA for an exciting 10 day tour through Costa Rica in mid October, as we explore a wide diversity of habitat types and the large-scale migration of Neo-tropical raptors.

HMANA’s 10-day trip will explore a variety of the country’s diverse ecosystems including the Caribbean coastal & Pacific lowland rain forests, the Central highlands and a volcano, mangrove swamps, and the dry forest. A central part of the trip will be two full days visiting the Kèköldi Hawk Watch, one of the greatest raptor migration hotspots in the world. The Migratory Raptor Conservation and Monitoring Program at Kèköldi regularly count 2 to 3 million raptors of 20+ different species each fall. It is not uncommon to observe over 200,000 raptors migrating on a mid-October day! Given the watchsite location, high in a canopy tower overlooking the Caribbean, it is an ideal spot to watch the large-scale passerine and waterbird migration, not to mention the rich local bird diversity.

Other highlights of this trip include observing up to 300 species of birds, numerous reptiles, including crocodiles, and diverse plant life. This tour includes eight full and active days of birding and sightseeing with moderate drives between locations. Several days in each eco-region will allow us a relaxed pace to absorb some of the rich culture and easy-going Costa Rican lifestyle that typifies this country’s unique charm.
Join us for this once in a lifetime experience!

For all tour information and pricing, please visit: www.hmana.org/Costa_Rica/ Or contact Julie Tilden at tilden@hmana.org, (781) 264-0778.

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