Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Hawk Migration Studies arriving soon!

After a non-winter here in Pennsylvania that felt like a never-ending November, spring feels long overdue even though it’s arriving early. The first spring hawkwatches are already open and counting hawks. And with that is soon to come the spring issue of Hawk Migration Studies.

Here’s just a little of what you will find inside. Greg Grove analyzes years of winter raptor surveys and reports on findings. Arthur Green tells us about his fall hawkwatching season in the Republic of Georgia. How does more than 800,000 birds sound? Janice Sweet reports on a not-so-great 2010 fall season at the Illinois Beach hawkwatch. HMANA’s new board and officers are listed, and former Chair Will Weber is back as the new board chair for 2012, so his Will’s Quills column is back, too. Julie Brown reports on the new Raptor Population Index trend analysis that includes lots more hawkwatches and hawkwatch data. And all the new from the flyway reports are there, too. Of course.

Look for the spring HMS coming soon to your mailbox.

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