Monday, August 19, 2013

Fall hawkwatching season already heating up!

The first hawkwatches are already counting and reporting data to HawkCount.  Even though few have been open for longer than a week, some interesting results are already showing up.

At two Pennsylvania sites, Hawk Mountain and Waggoner’s Gap, each has posted a record early date for the first merlin sighting.  The first merlin was seen at Waggoner’s on August 5 and at Hawk Mountain on August 15.  Waggoner’s also posted a record early Peregrine Falcon sighting on August 4.  Not to be outdone, Corpus Christi in Texas posted its first Peregrine sighting on its first official count day on August 10.  The site’s first merlin sighting came the next day on August 11.

August 17 was Corpus’ first four-digit day of the fledgling raptor season. They tallied 2802 Mississippi Kites.  August 16 wasn’t bad for the kites either, with 550 counted.

The new season has barely started and already it’s giving us something to talk about!


  1. Even though there are "bigger/better" sites that start hawkwatching this early,it doesn"t have to sound like "bragging rights"
    We all contribute no matter how many or how few hawks we see. So has it turned into a contest? I think it tends to shy away those would be watchers/sites from ever thinking they will be recognized.......Watatic/Clarry hill

  2. I'm sorry you think this is about bragging rights. I'm just excited that birds are moving again (which means summer is finally almost over) and there are places where I can go to see them. The beginning of fall hawkwatching to me always means that summer is over--my least favorite season, by the way, as if you couldn't tell!