Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Hawk Migration Studies is out!

This is Carolyn blogging again here this morning. As editor of HMANA’s Hawk Migration Studies, I am happy to report to HMANA members that the fall edition of our journal is now mailed and should be in your hands. If you haven’t gotten your issue yet, please contact membership secretary John Weeks to report a delivery problem.

The new issue of HMA has flyway reports from fall 2008 all across the continent, plus an interview with Kate Davis about her lovely new falcon book and the work she does with Raptors of the Rockies in Montana. Former HMANA chair Will Weber has an extensive article about all kinds of raptor mortality, covering the topic in more detail than I’ve ever seen before. We also have some spectacular raptor photos from Vic Berardi, among others, and lots of other good information ranging from the increased sightings of Mississippi Kites from our own Paul Roberts to the finding of a 2500 year old gyrfalcon nest.

If you’re not a member of HMANA yet, now is a good time to join (here) and have John W. send you the latest issue.

Today’s photos were all taken by David McNicholas, a HMANA board member who’s also a wonderful photographer. A migrating Merlin decided to "eat on the run," so to speak, and David captured the event for all of us to enjoy.

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