Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where were you...?

Where were you on September 11? For most of us hawkfolk, the answer is "on my watchsite." For those whose vistas include the Manhattan skyline, the day etched a terrible memory. For others of us, the horrifying news arrived with some of our volunteers. Then came the oh-so-surreal disconnect: the beautiful late-summer sky, the eternal mountains, the southbound hawks passing overhead, the "how can this be?" feeling.
At Little RoundTop in New Hampshire we have almost constant airtraffic, large and small, military and civilian. The cessation of flights hit us slowly, but how strange yet eerily peaceful the skies became that day and those that followed. Six of us stood in the outdoor chapel atop the hill that morning joining hands in prayer for our country, for the victims of those heinous acts, for peace.

We now observe the anniversary of that day with a moment of silence and remembrance. September 11 was particulary poignant this year. Following a morning gathering at their firehouse, two local firemen visited our site. While they were there a Bald Eagle drifted past.

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